Traffic Warning Signs in Thailand

Thai left bend warning sign

Left bend

Thai right bend warning sign

Right Bend

Thai sharp curve left warning sign

Sharp left curve

Thai sharp right curve warning sign

Sharp right curve

left double bend warning sign

Left double bend

Right Double bend warning sign

Right double bend

thai left double curve warning sign

Left double curve

thai right double curve warning sign

Right double curve

Thai zig zag left warning sign

left zig zag road

Thai zig zag left warning sign

right zig zag road

Thai equal intersection ahead warning sign

Intersection ahead

Thai junction ahead warning sign

Y junction ahead

left T junction warning sign

T junction left

right T junction warning sign

T junction right

left right T junction warning sign

T junction left & right

right left T junction warning sign

T Junction right & left

Road branching in left side


road branching in right


road branching off left warning sign

road branching off left

road branching off right warning sign

road branching off right

thai roundabout ahead warning sign

round-about ahead

merging lanes sign

merging lanes

left narrow lane warning sign

Left narrow lane

Right narrow lane warning sign

Right narrow lane

approaching narrow bridge

Approaching narrow bridge

left lane will end sign

Ending left lane

Right lane will end

Ending right line

thai open railroad crossing warning sign

Open railroad crossing

thai protected railroad crossing warning sing

secure railroad crossing

Unsecure railroad crossing on next road left

unsecure railroad crosssing after after left turn

maximum width warning sign

Maximimum width

Maximum height warning sign

Maximum Height

steep climb warning sign

Steep Climb

thai steep decent warning sign

Steep decent

thai unequal surface warning sign

unequal road surface

uneven road surface warning sign

Uneven road surface

Potholes ahead


Thai slippery road warning sign

slipery road

Gravel on road warning sign

gravel on road

Thai falling rocks / land slides warning sign

Falling rocks

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