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Passing the depth perception test


Secret Tips on how to pass the depth perception test on your Driver's License test, even when your 3D vision is somewhat weak.

To sum it up in a few words: Look for shadows!!

When you look a bit closer you will certainly notice that the moving pin (number 1) on the left side produces a shadow on the flap with the colored dots!

This flap needs to be opened so that the officer can verify whether you have aligned the two pins correctly. Due to the relatively large distance between yourself and these small pins, an additional light source within the case need to be turned on, thus producing a hardly noticeable shadow.

In our case, when the shadow of the moving pin would be in the location which would roughly correspond with being between twelve and one o'clock on the circle with the colored dots, the pins would be perfectly aligned.

If you, the applicant, can put the moving pin in the same position twice you will undoubtedly receive the last required stamp and you'll be off to pick up your shiny new Thai licence or at least you'll be in the clear to get the theory and driving test stamps next if you did not have an international or european licence from your home-country to show.

For readers that might worry or even protest against the fact that we are giving out these tips: We are just a few of many people that have been driving for 20 years or more, without any real depth perception. We see things much like regular people see them on a TV or other type of screen and by judging the size of objects we are perfectly able to estimate the distance to, for instance, oncoming traffic and decide whether or not it is safe to overtake traffic in front of us. I dare to say so, because it have been 35 accident-free years, in my case.