Regulatory signs in Thai traffic:

Thai Stop Sign

Stop sign

Thai Yield sign

Yield sign

Thai road closed to cars sign

No access to cars

Thai no overtaking sign

No overtaking

Thai No entry sign

No entry

Thai no U-turn sign

No U-turn

Thai No left U-turn sign

no left U-turn

Thai no left turn sign

No left turn

Thai no right turn sign

No right turn

change to left lanes not allowed

No changing to left lane

no changing to right lane sign

No changing to right lane

no right turn, no right U turn

No right rurn nor right U-turn

No left turn, no left U-turn

No Left Turn nor U-turn

Thai give way to oncoming traffic sign

give way to oncoming traffic

Thai closed to trucks sign

Closed to trucks

Thai closed to motorcycles sign

Closed to motorcycles

use of trailers prohibited

No Trailers allowed

Thai closed to motorized tricycles sign

Closed to Tuk - Tuks

close to

Thai no bicycles sign

closed to bicycles

Thai closed to push carts sign

No push carts

Thai no Agricultural vehicles sign

No agricultural vehicles

closed to 4-takt engined motorcycles

Closed to motorized cycles

thai closed to motorized vehicles sign

closed to motorized vehicles

thai closed to bi- or tri-cycles sign

Closed to bi- or tri-cycles

no oxcarts allowed

No Ox carts

Thai no honking sign

No honking

Thai No pedestrians sign

No pedestrians

thai no parking sign

No parking

Thai no parking / no stopping sign

no stopping / no parking

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